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Intercambios de inglés gratis en Granada: ¿Cuál es tu excusa para no practicar fuera del aula? Nuevos lugares para 2018/2019.

 Actualizado 17.02.19

Están en marcha 13 “intercambios de inglés gratis” en Granada y 2 de pago

¿Estás estudiando el B1, B2 or C1, o vas a estudiar inglés o trabajar en Inglaterra, Irlanda o Malta? Entonces, una de las mejores formas de desarrollar tus habilidades de “speaking & listening” es asistiendo en los intercambios de inglés gratis en Granada. Además, puedes conocer a nuevas personas. Sobre todo, la misión de Inglés Ya es ayudarte a aprender inglés de la mejor manera. Por eso, nuestra lista de “intercambios de inglés gratis” está inscrito en inglés.

Si quieres estudiar inglés en el extranjero, Inglés Ya te ofrece descuentos hasta 30% con nuestras escuelas asociadas. Hasta el 27.12.19

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Los intercambios de inglés gratis: Granada

Los lunes

Mondays: 20.30h -22.30h Bar: Lemon Rock, C/ Montalbán Molinos, 6 (Free entry)                                                Now in it’s 4th year, this very popular event is in one of the trendiest places in town! A dynamic and open to all ages although most participants are under 30 years old. Therefore, get there early for a seat! More details in Lemon Rock Facebook.  Facilitator: María José y Alba del Centro de Lenguas Modernas:

Mondays: 21.00h -22.30h Raices- Centro Cultural:C/ Buensuceso,1 Plaza Trinidad (Free entry)   A Christian based organisation that has organized a “Club de Inglés”  for several years. It attracts between 20- 30 Spanish speakers and north Americans who chat about a given theme. Only English is spoken and it is recommended to university aged students with at least A2/ lower intermediate English. Facilitator: Shawn

Los martes

Tuesdays: 20.00h -23.00h Hotel San Anton,  Calle San Anton 74, Granada, (Free entry)

In a new venue. Regular weekly TENGO Meetup. Facilitator: Kay

Tuesdays: 21.30h Bar: Entre Suelo, Plaza de San Agustín, 2 (Free entry)
Now in it’s 4th year, this very popular intercambio has changed to Tuesdays. It draws a mixed age group with between 20 and 30+ attendees. A well organised event in a great bar with plenty of space and quiet music that encourages relaxed conversation. Please arrive early to guarantee a seat!

Facilitator: Mª Angeles: del Centro de Lenguas Modernas:

Los miércoles

Wednesdays: 20.00h-?h Wild Food, Plaza Isabel La Católica, 5  (Free entry)
Now in it’s second year. Enjoy stylish surroundings and a generally younger, smaller group. Open to everyone. Facilitator:

Wednesdays: 20.45h- 24.00h Lapaulina C/ Nueva de la Virgen 12 “Totes Intercambio” (Free entry)
Granada’s most established intercambio, drawing a mixed age group with around 20 attendees every week. Many regulars but new attendees are always welcomed. Facebook page “Totes Intercambio De Idiomas Granada.” Castellano and English. Facilitator: Totes.

Wednesdays: 21.00- 23.55h Couchsurfing Intercambios: location changes each week. (Free entry) –
Join the Couchsurfing network to access event information. A good mix of languages attracting mainly younger people who love to travel.

Wednesdays: 21.00h -22.30h Raices- Centro Cultural:C/ Buensuceso,1 Plaza Trinidad (Free entry)   Following on from their popular As As well as Monday night’s event, Raices have also added an extra night for people older than the typical university age student. Again, it is an English focused night rather than an intercambio. It attracts between 15-20 Spanish speakers and north Americans who chat about a given theme. It is recommended to those with at least A2/ lower intermediate English. Facilitator: Shawn

Los jueves

Thursdays: 21.00- 24.00h. Bar Rojo, C/ Laurel de las tablas, 18002 (Free entry)    

A new intercambio. An informal set up- just arrive and find your language partners. Around 20 people have attended previous weeks. Facebook. Facilitator: Hervé.

Thursdays: 21.30- 23.00h. La Taberna la Granaína, C/ Pintor Zuloaga 1, 18005 (Free entry)  

Organised by an English academy. No more information to add at the moment. Watch this space! Facilitator: Corrine.

Los viernes

Fridays: 18.30- 20.00h. ECO Hostel, Calle Gran Via de Colón 53, 1810 -la entrada es por Calle Navarrette. (Free entry)

A stylish new and spacious location for an established intercambio, (formerly held in el Pilar de Toro). This too is a well organised and suits all ages. Around 30 people regularly attend this event. There is a nice mix of ages, so it is ideal for anyone who is worried about age groups. I joined in on 19.10.18 and chatted to people in their early 20s, mid 30s and late 40s! It has a nice atmosphere and the facilitators are always around to guide you and stimulate conversations (if necessary). Over half the group are regular attendees. Facebook. Facilitator: Sofía (o Rocio).

Alternative Fridays : Desde 23.00h- ? Pub Hannigan’s & Sons, Calle Cetti Meriem no1 (Free entry)
Organised by Geokeda: An informal meet up in this lively bar in the centre of town that attracts up to 30 attendees. No longer a weekly event. This event is every 2 weeks. Castellano and English.

Los sábados

Saturdays: 14.30h- 17.00h Bar: La Goma Calle Gracia, 40. (Free entry)
The second weekly informal meet organised at La Goma: up with 15- 20 attendees. Mainly Castellano and English are spoken but all languages are encouraged. Facebook. Facilitator: Paula.

Intercambios de inglés gratis en Granada: Lemon Rock
Intercambio con pago

Furthermore, there is an increasingly popular intercambio that charges a small fee of 2€. “Tic Talk” is a dynamic, well organised event. Now in it’s second year, it has grown to 2 or 3 events per week. You must sign up in advance using the Tic Talk WhatsApp number 677 158 941 because the event is planned with a limit on the number of participants.

I visited it on 06.11.19 in the Bastardo Bar. There were the maximum 40 participants from 18 countries. It had a typically mixed age range, with the majority between 25 and 35 years old. There were a number of planned place changes and prompt sheets helping people to mix well. There was also a game to finish. However, other events have included games in the street, tapas crawl,

You can also buy a Tic Talk card for 15€, providing discounts to over 40 establishments in Granada (bars, travel agents, a gym etc). Moreover, the card discounts the intercambio to 1€. Please consult the Facebook for dates, places and other details. Facilitator: Juan de Valverde.

También para personas interasadas en intercambios de inglés gratis:

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